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How To Find A Free Ride To Vote (For Dems) On Election Day

free ride to vote on election day

Planes, trains and automobiles we don’t care how you get there, but if you want to stop Trump, you need to be at the polls this election. In the 2016 election, it’s estimated that 15 million registered voters…

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How The Absentee Ballot Work

If you lack mobility, or away on vacation or business during the time of an election, this doesn’t let you off the hook, my friend! You can still play your role in stopping Trump. You can do this by…

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How To Obtain A State ID

State ID

Obtaining a state ID is crucial to voting, especially if you live in a state with strict voter laws. Some states require that you provide a state ID on election day which is why you need to start…

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How U.S. Voter ID Laws Work

Voter ID Laws

Every election year you hear stories from voters who were unable to vote because of strict voter ID laws. The next election will be no different. If you are going to play a role in stopping Trump the…

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